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Our report about’s “Christmas Made Easy” marketing strategy generated an email from one excited MNB user:

“’Christmas made easy.’ Boy, what a nice idea for any American retailer to exploit! With less time and money, and all the stress of day-to-day life as well as the holidays, this would be a great way to suck up some sales. Food
and department stores alike could use this theme.”

We agree. (See our lead story this morning.)

Our story about what McDonald’s should do to improve its bottom line continues to draw comments. MNB user Catherine Lanna wrote:

“Reading all of the comments made me reminisce about my tenure there 20+ years ago. As a teen, this wasn't a bad place to work and minimum wage went a lot further toward gas money, clothes, books, tuition etc. In fact, 90% of the part time staff was teenagers and 2 guys even worked there way through med school as night managers. Regardless of age, we were all conscientious workers. You can't teach a good work ethic and management shouldn't tolerate anything less. I think the pool of employable people is shallower than it used to be due to the explosion in retail locations that offer better working conditions(not always smelling like grease and onions) and wages than Mickey D's.

“As for the food...I liked it then and ate it everyday as part of the benefits of employment (I am not obese and suing anyone). I don't eat there anymore nor do I take my kids there. It's too expensive for the quality of food received. It seems to me these fast food places did much better before they started super sizing everything, including price. Mc Donald's old advertisement used to tout a hamburger, fries and soda for a dollar...and get change back. Maybe they should go back to their roots and focus on what they used to do well: value, cleanliness, service and a core product base.”

Thanks for all the nice notes that so many members of the MNB community sent to commiserate about the injury that’s keeping us out of the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC, this weekend…though we have to admit that there seem like better places to jog than the nation’s capital these days. Among them…

MNB user Dave McCarthy of Nestle Purina PetCare wrote:

“Kevin, as a two time finisher of the Marine Corp Marathon (17th & 19th) I'm very sorry to hear your about knee injury which will knock you out of the run. As you already know or heard it's a wonderful event which has been dubbed the Peoples Marathon for many reasons but I believe mainly for the many wonderful DC and Virginia folks that come out to cheer you through their streets. When I think back to that time my heart becomes heavy for now those folks are under attack and need our support.

“I hope you post this and let them know there are many heartfelt thoughts and prayers for the victims and their families and to all who find themselves in the grip of this awful situation.

“I believe Mrs. Content Guy is right on the mark (as are most Mrs. Content Guys) with her Guardian Angel approach! I have one also (so my Mom has told me) and I pray to her that this gutless POS is dealt a quick and just outcome!

“Hope you get better and are back on the trail soon!”

Thanks, Dave. We all feel mightily for the folks in DC who are living in the grip of fear these days…and wee know what you mean about the particular pleasures of the Marine Corps Marathon, having run and finished in it last year.
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