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For a great example of how to effectively sell seafood, you have to go no farther than Wegmans, which announced to its shoppers via email yesterday that “Alaskan King Crab Season” had opened, with shipments of “fresh, sweet n' meaty cooked Alaskan King Crab Clusters arriving” in-store.

But Wegmans doesn’t stop there. It also offers, while supplies last, free crab shellers and bibs with any Alaska King Crab purchase.

“True king crab lovers know these mighty, meaty crab clusters are great solo or in recipes...the flavorful and tender meat is easy to remove from the larger shells,” the email said. “And because this crabmeat is already cooked, it's recipe-ready...everything from Crab and Wild Mushroom Risotto and crabmeat stuffing in baked fish fillets, to simple dinner fare like Seafood Alfredo or crab salad.”

And then, the store offers on its website an easy-to-make recipe for the Risotto dish made above.
KC's View:

It seems so simple when done right: informing customers of a new item in the store that is unique, creating hunger pangs with a description of the item, and then providing a way to use it.

If we had a Wegmans near us, we’d have been in the car and out the door.

As it is, we’ll be trying the recipe this weekend to distract ourselves from the aching tendons in our knee…