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Charged last week by Wal-Mart Mexico (Walmex) that its prohibition against the posting of price comparisons is unfair, ANTAD, a Mexican retailers group, has countered that Walmex misleads consumers through its price posting policies.

Reuters reports that ANTAD voted to prohibit the posting of price comparisons, a decision that Walmex protested by resigning from the organization.

Walmex has earned a strong market share in Mexico through aggressive pricing, but ANTAD claims that the practice “distorts the reality of prices, generating confusion instead of informing and orienting the consumer,”
KC's View:
Let’s face it. The perception of low prices is as critical to success as actually having low prices. Maybe even more critical.

Does it strike anyone else that a trade association banning a form of competition seems a little…wacky?

Walmex probably figures that if it isn’t already, someday soon it’ll be bigger than the trade association. So why bother with an entity that could end up being meaningless?