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Bozzuto’s Inc., the Connecticut-based wholesaler, announced the hiring of two Wegmans veterans for newly created positions.

Ron Lillis has joined the company as Vice President, Operations Review, and Bill Larsen, who will report to Lillis, as Director, Operations Review.

Lillis has a background in accounting and finance and has served in various financial management positions for Wegmans; Larsen's background includes an extensive experience in retail supermarket management.

"Among our goals for the coming year is some aggressive growth in our corporate stores," said Michael A. Bozzuto, chairman, president and CEO of Bozzuto's Inc. "There's no doubt that Ron and Bill will be playing a key role in making that happen."
KC's View:
Considering that Bozzuto’s also recently hired Mark G. Kindig, Wegmans’ former Director of Finance and Electronic Banking Services to be its Executive Vice President/Finance and Chief Financial Officer, the company’s retail intentions see, pretty clear.

If we didn’t see some big changes in its Adam’s Super Food Group stores, we’d be very surprised.

Kudos to Bozzuto’s for smart moves. The only question is whether Danny Wegman is getting a finder’s fee…