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In lieu of a party for our upcoming one-year anniversary, which would be difficult to pull off since MNB has thousands of subscribers from all over the world, we’re going to have a contest.

Every time you submit via email the names, companies and email addresses of five people to get the MNB Wake Up Call (we’re going to trust you that you’ve checked with them on this), we’ll put your name in a hat. You can enter as often as you like, as long as you keep coming up with five different people.

The contest ends on our anniversary, November 19, at which time we will pull the names and distribute the prizes…

  • The first 15 names to be pulled out of the hat will receive brand new, totally cool, “be-the-first-one-on-your-block-to-own-one” t-shirts. Wear ‘em jogging, or to the gym, or wherever you want. These are very nifty.

  • The next 10 names to be pulled out of the hat will be the recipients of equally cool, totally awesome baseball caps…just like the kind we wear here at MNB world headquarters.

  • And finally, the grand prize winner will receive a t-shirt, a baseball cap – and a $50 gift certificate to!

So, enter early and often…

And tell your friends about, where we respect your time and your intelligence…
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