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The Associated Press reports that the Ivory baby, which was seen in advertising for Ivory Soap as far back as 1887 and then was phased out of Procter & Gamble’s advertising three decades ago, is coming back.

The company is holding a national search for a new Ivory baby, with the prize a $50,000 college scholarship and being signed to appear in ads for a year.
KC's View:
The news stories have been saying that P&G stopped using the Ivory baby when it decided to target a broader demographic for Ivory Soap.

But our vague recollection is that P&G got caught in a bit of a controversy 30 years ago when it was revealed that the mom holding the Ivory baby on millions of packages actually was Marilyn Chambers, a pornographic film star known for such classics as “Behind The Green Door.” (P&G didn’t know anything about that, and instantly pulled the boxes off store shelves, if we recall correctly.)

One suspects that the company will be doing a thorough background search on any new candidates…