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The Grocery Manufacturers of America (GMA) and NACS announced they will launch a new pilot to test the NACS version of eXtensible Markup Language called NAXML in mid-November.

NAXML improves on the existing eXtensible Mark-up Language, a set of number codes that describes text within a document to convey information electronically. The process provides a more user-friendly Web-based technology to small and mid-sized companies that virtually eliminates paper-based transactions while offering daily product activity broken out per store location. More than half of the nearly 125,000 convenience stores in the United States are operated by small businesses.

"Flash Foods is looking for efficiencies around labor in terms of inputting data into our information system," said Jenny Bullard, CIO of Flash Foods, which is participating in the pilot. "We want to acquire more accurate data and the ability to process information in a way that allows for ad hoc reporting."

"This pilot program represents a major step forward for the NAXML program and we are very pleased to have Flash Foods as the NACS participant," said John Hervey, NACS' chief technology officer. "We look forward to reporting results at NACStech 2003 next April."
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