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Bloomberg reports that possibly for the first time ever, the Aldi Group, which operates more than 6,300 discount grocery stores in Europe and the US, faces questions about its future.

The Bloomberg story notes that while the company remains privately held by brothers Karl and Theo Albrecht, both of whom are in their eighties, other European retailers are imitating their methods of having limited selection and sharp pricing, and are siphoning off customers.

There also are inheritance issues, as analysts question whether the next generation will be as committed to keeping the company private as the elder Albrechts have been.

Not much is known about the family nor the company. Karl Albrecht, for example, hasn’t been quoted since 1953, at which time he spoke to a trade group. And employees are warned not to talk to the press.
KC's View:
Want to hear something really scary?

Analysts say there is only one company that is positioned correctly and rich enough to buy Aldi.