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The Virginian-Pilot reports that Farm Fresh will begin selling irradiated ground beef, starting October 20.

The company is using the same process used by companies such as Wegmans and Lowes, with technology provided by SureBeam.

Irradiation is designed to kill dangerous microbes that can contaminate ground beef. Despite some concerns about the long term effects of irradiation, the recent increase in meat-related food safety scares has caused a rise in the number of companies utilizing irradiation.

According to the paper, “Farm Fresh plans eventually to add irradiated fruits and produce to its shelves as well.” And, it notes that the retailer “plans to sell its irradiated ground beef for 10 to 30 cents more per pound than untreated meat, which the chain intends to continue carrying.”
KC's View:
We continue to believe that most consumers won’t be spooked by irradiation if it is explained to them thoughtfully and rationally.