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MNB, by its very nature, often is written on the fly; lately, more than ever, it’s been written in hotel rooms, on airplanes, in airport lounges, and at odd, early morning hours. (For example, as we type these words, it is 2:37 a.m. Pacific Time...we’re giving a speech in Phoenix to a sales organization meeting later this morning.)

Sometimes, unfortunately, this means that the Content Guy is surviving on too much caffeine (we’re on our third cup already this a.m.) and can make mistakes that suggest his typing fingers are moving faster than his brain.

This happened yesterday. Twice.

  • In a story about the NACS convention, we related what we thought was a humorous and absolutely true anecdote about being propositioned in the parking lot of the Orlando convention center, and suggested some surprise that it happened in the home of Disney, and had never happened to us in what we called “seedier” cities such as Chicago or Las Vegas.

    Well, we took some good natured ribbing about our characterization of Chicago from residents of that area, so we think it is important to say that we love Chicago. It is one of our favorite cities, and calling it “seedy” was an unfortunate and inaccurate characterization.

    (Interestingly, nobody wrote in to complain about how we described Vegas…)

    We also got teased a bit about our lack of knowledge of the Orlando exotic entertainment scene. Apparently, this is a good deal more common than we realized. Go figure.

  • The other comment that we got grief about was our statement that, despite all the growth being experienced by Kohl’s department stores, we found them to be “useless.”

    We got several comments about this one, including our favorite email of the day from MNB user Richard Sokolnicki:

    If you use the word ‘useless’ to describe Kohls, does that make
    MorningNewsBeat ‘elitist?’

    Maybe. (We like to think of MNB as being for elitists -- elitist thinkers, that is.)

    The point we were trying to make, and apparently stumbling over, was that while Kohl’s obviously has broad appeal, we find the product mix to be both puzzling and unappealing. The men’s clothing and shoe selections don’t grab us, and there are better prizes on some of the cookware down the street at Bed Bath & Beyond. And Mrs. Content Guy isn’t crazy about the kids’ clothes, and has never shopper there for herself.

    But that’s just us. As we noted yesterday, the parking lot at Kohl’s is always packed, so we concede that we may be out of touch with the mainstream on this issue.

    But elitist? We don’t think so…unless buying virtually all your clothes from LL Bean and Eddie Bauer makes you so.

    Still, maybe “useless” was the wrong adjective…

KC's View:
No excuses. But we thought an explanation was in order.

Y’know what’s really great? MNB has the kind of passionate, engaged usership that will write in to give us grief when people disagree with what we say.

Not to mention a usership that is patient with our occasional rants.