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Responding to yesterday’s story about Philip Morris being hit with $28 billion in punitive damages in a new smoking judgment, MNB user Linda Steiner wrote:

“My vote says, do it to the tobacco companies again and again until they give up. Until the tobacco industry and the American public decide it is ludicrous to continue to sell a toxic addictive product that is guaranteed to make you miserable and probably kill you.... keep up the lawsuits, keep up the mega verdicts. I want to see more!

Our story about West Coast grocery workers agreeing on a new contract with chain stores there prompted the following email from MNB user Norma Gilliam:

“Nice to know that some people on the west coast value their jobs! Too bad the dock workers don't feel the same.”

Don’t forget, Norma. The dockworkers aren’t striking. They’ve been locked out…

And, our baseball stories elicited the following email from MNB user Jane Larsen:

“Never mind your ‘parochial east coast view’ of the playoffs. The Minnesota Twins (heretofore known as The Team of Destiny) aren't getting much respect in any media. And just look at the parallels between TTOD and the '87 World Series Champion Twins...

• rookie manager
* high-flying All-Star center fielder
• great closer
• first baseman with a glove like glue.

“There's much more, plus these guys can win on the road. My life would be perfect if they met the Giants in the Series, but a chance to stick it to the Braves again, like in '91 (the greatest World Series EVER)...well, wouldn't that be fine?”

It's all fine. It's baseball.

See you tomorrow...
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