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A new report from Retail Forward, the global management consulting and market research firm, explores the impact of Kohl’s on the rest of retailing, especially the department store sector, as it steals share from its competition.

According to the study, entitled “Kohl’s – Why It Works and What You Can Learn,” the company succeeds because:

• It generates large amounts of capital that it reinvests in the business with new and upgraded stores.

• It has a flexible format that can go into a number of locations.

• based on estimates, Kohl’s has the ability to double its store count from the current 428 to as many as 1,000.

• It uses meaningful brands to appeal to middle-income consumers, has developed a convenient shopping format, and is beginning to establish itself as a brand name in which consumers have a level of trust.

Most importantly, according to the report, Kohl’s offers consumers a clear, consistent marketing message…a lesson more retailers should learn.
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