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Advertising Age reports that caramel-filled M&M’s that were targeted at Hispanic consumers have been pulled from store shelves by manufacturer Masterfoods USA.

While the product was heavily advertised and promoted in markets such as Miami, Los Angeles and San Antonio since it was introduced in August 2001, it never achieved a big enough following to justify keeping it alive.

The company said it may offer the candy on a seasonal basis, and may use the basic flavor in other food groups.
KC's View:
Interesting development, in view of the recent moves by a number of food retailers to develop store formats that appeal to Hispanic consumers.

The open question is to what extent Hispanic shoppers want specially developed products geared to their heritage, as opposed to mainstream American products that speak to their acculturation.

We remember being enthralled when Tianguis opened in LA so many years ago…but we’re not Hispanic, and therefore would not have been the target customer.

The final answer probably will be “it depends”…meaning that different people in different markets are going to respond differently.