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Sunday’s NFL scores…

MIAMI 26 New England 13
NEW ORLEANS 32 Pittsburgh 29
Washington 31 TENNESSEE 14
Tampa Bay 20 ATLANTA 6
Oakland 49 BUFFALO 31
Arizona 16 CAROLINA 13
NY Giants 21 DALLAS 17
INDIANAPOLIS 28 Cincinnati 21
Kansas City 29 NY JETS 25
DENVER 26 San Diego 9
SAN FRANCISCO 37 St. Louis 13
JACKSONVILLE 28 Philadelphia 25
Baltimore 26 CLEVELAND 21

And, in Major League Baseball playoff action…

The Minnesota Twins will play the Anaheim Angels in the American League Championship Series, having disposed of the Oakland Athletics and the New York Yankees, respectively.

In the National League, the St. Louis Cardinals defeated the Arizona Diamondbacks, and will face the winner of tonight’s San Francisco Giants-Atlanta Braves game in the senior circuit’s Championship Series.
KC's View:
Okay, let’s get it out of the way right now, even before the inevitable emails come in…

We were wrong. The Yankees aren’t going to the World Series. If we had a sword, we’d fall on it. (We’d fall on our laptop, but we need it.)

And to MNB user Bob Thomas, who wrote us last week to chastise us for what he viewed as a parochial east coast view of the baseball playoffs, we can only say, “You were right.” And what the hell – email us your street address, Bob, and we’ll send you a limited edition MorningNewsBeat t-shirt.

And we only have a couple of things to say:

If tonight ends with the Giants advancing and the Braves going down in flames, the week will have begun in fine fashion.


Just wait until the Mets-Red Sox World Series in 2003.