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The Washington Post reported last week that new studies show that milk from cloned cows is “virtually indistinguishable” from normal cows.

If confirmed, these results are likely to speed the time it will take to bring products from cloned animals and other agricultural sources to market, as science reaches a consensus that cloning represents no threat to the food supply.
KC's View:
If this is true, we believe the industry needs to start the educational process now, preparing consumers for the introduction of such products onto store shelves.

If it doesn’t do this, you can safely bet that there will be a backlash from some social, religious, and political groups. (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals will probably decide that cloning is horribly cruel and should never occur; we suspect that there also will be objections of the “this flies in the face of God’s laws” variety).

And if this happens, it won’t take long before there are signs in store windows saying, “We don’t sell cloned cow’s milk here.” And that would be a shame, not because we have any great desire to drink it, but because a potentially enormous scientific advance that could help feed a lot of hungry and people and nations will have been tarnished.

But as far as drinking it goes – once this stuff is approved, bring it on. We’ll be happy to drink it, anytime and anyplace.