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Reuters reports that McDonald's Corp. will open at least 11 more “diner style” restaurants that combine its traditional hamburger offering with the food and services generally found in that most American of restaurant formats.

McDonald's opened its first diner-style restaurant in Kokomo, Indiana, last year, offering table service and items such as meatloaf and chicken fried steak, which customers order in by a phone located at the table. The new versions also will be built mostly in Indiana, which the company is using as a Middle American test market. With more of the format opening up, the company will start marketing and advertising it more aggressively to see what impact it has on sales.

McDonald’s has been reeling from poor sales figures, and has been looking for ways to re-energize the brand and cut costs.
KC's View:
It sounds like Mickey D’s is creating the format version of comfort food – which doesn’t sound like the dumbest idea we’ve ever heard. Especially in these unsettled times, people are looking for reassurance and for familiar icons that suggest a more stable time.