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What do sunflower seeds, spinach and beans, grape juice, sweet potatoes and cheese have in common?

According to the October 2002 edition of Men’s Health, these are “fountain of youth” foods that can fight the effects of aging. How? Because of the antioxidants that combat the aging effects of free radicals, compounds that prevent wrinkles, and ingredients that provide calcium that keep teeth young and strong.

You’ll have to read the article, on page 159, to see exactly this all works. Better yet, you could cross-merchandise the article with these various categories, offering “age-busting” tips for shoppers.

And, as an added bonus, you also can read the accompanying article: “The Sex For life Diet.”

Then go shopping.
KC's View:
Okay, we’re having a little fun here. (No, the articles really exist. It just isn’t every day that we can get ‘sex” into MNB…)

But as always, this Wednesday feature is meant to illustrate a serious point…that there are opportunities for cross merchandising and promotion that are sitting right in the supermarket waiting to be exploited.

The Rodale Beat is designed to give MNB users terrific ideas from Rodale Press’s roster of magazines -- such as Men’s Health, Prevention, Organic Style, and “Runner’s World -- that can be utilized in-store to build sales.

Think about it. If you put up a poster over a selection of products that read, “These Items May Help Slow The Aging Process,” how many people do you think would at least stop and read the collateral material? And maybe even buy things they might not have thought about before?


Which is why, by the way, we’re big fans of eggs, celery, vanilla ice cream, blueberries, breakfast cereal, steak and chocolate. (You’ll have to read the article in Men’s Health…)