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Responding to national concerns about increased obesity levels among its citizens, especially in the nation’s youth, PepsiCo chairman Steven Reinemund has announced that he wants at least half the company’s food and beverage products to be “nutritious,” by eliminating fat and adding healthier ingredients.

The Wall Street Journal reports that this is considered a “new and risky course” for the company because in essence Reinemund is suggesting that people not consume too many of the products that the company traditionally is known for.

In addition to reformulating existing products, PepsiCo also has hired Kenneth Cooper, father of the aerobics movement, and Dean Ornish, the low-fat guru -- to advise the company.
KC's View:
The question that needs to be answered for Pepsi is whether consumers are as concerned about nutritional issues as scientists, nutritionists, government officials and the media.

The key is going to be making the reformulated products taste as good as the old stuff…and using marketing muscle to promote these products not just as healthy options, but as tasty, fulfilling foods.

That said, we have to applaud Pepsi for being willing to deal with the issue -- and not waiting for someone to come along and file a lawsuit.