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Sunday’s NFL Scores…

MIAMI 30 NY Jets 3
Carolina 21 MINNESOTA 14
NEW ENGLAND 41 Kansas City 38
Cleveland 31 TENNESSEE 28
New Orleans 29 CHICAGO 23
Indianapolis 23 HOUSTON 3
DENVER 28 Buffalo 23
San Diego 23 ARIZONA 15
SAN FRANCISCO 20 Washington 10
NY GIANTS 9 Seattle 6
Green Bay 37 DETROIT 31
ATLANTA 30 Cincinnati 3

And it seems appropriate to note that here in Dublin, in the All-Ireland Gaelic Football Championship, Armagh managed to defeat the heavily favored Kerry 15-14, the first time a Northern Irish team has won since 1994.

They were dancing in the streets of Armagh.

On that note, we’re going to go for a jog along the River Liffey before heading out to work…

We’ll see you tomorrow, reporting in once again from Dublin…
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