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We got a couple of emails yesterday regarding our story about Rosie O’Donnell deciding to bail out of “Rosie” magazine. We commented, “To us, it always seemed like it was more a jumping on the bandwagon, as opposed to a concept with concrete philosophical roots. Sure, things have gone downhill, especially since O‚Donnell left her TV show and went public with her personal lifestyle choices. But we never thought this was an idea with legs.”

One MNB user wrote:

“A seriously over weight, gay, semi-articulate women has no mass appeal. How dare you. The ACLU will hear about this!”

We think he was kidding…

However, we got another email, from MNB user Michael Scheu, that definitely wasn’t joking:

“I enjoy the Morning Newsbeat and reading your commentary on topical issues. I do agree with your points about the "Rosie" magazine concept being a "me-too" reaction to Martha and Oprah's launch of magazines. However, I disagree with your characterization of Rosie's sexual orientation as a "personal lifestyle choice". The notion of one's sexual orientation, be it gay or straight, as a matter of choice was thrown out the window by most enlightened individuals years ago.”

This was a case of our fingers moving faster than our brain...we certainly didn’t mean to suggest that homosexuality was a lifestyle choice.

Thanks for keeping us honest.

We also got an email from MNB user Ronald Cook of Brookshire’s about our story that noted the end of Oprah Winfrey’s legal battle with Texas cattlemen:

“You are correct in your assessment of the wayward cattle suit. I am comfortable in saying that most Texans; including those in the grocery industry, were not aware that this was still bouncing around the courts. The McDonalds decision to use "foreign" beef is a much larger concern to the Texas and US cattle industry. Perhaps that decision to use beef from outside the US is another factor causing the slump in sales and market share.”
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