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NACS Daily reports that the Jack in the Box fast food chain plans to convert a quarter of its 1,850 outlets to a new gasoline-convenience store-restaurant format over the next five years.

The company currently has 12 such formats operating in various locations.

Jack In The Box also plans to expand from its largely west/southwest orientation to become a more national chain, as well as offer healthier food beyond its traditional burger-and-burrito menu.
KC's View:
We have to admit that we haven’t been to a Jack In The Box in about a quarter-century, so it is hard to gauge whether the fourth-largest hamburger chain is positioned to make this kind of strategic move.

The company likely would never market itself for the reasons we used to patronize it. When we were attending Loyola Marymount University back in the mid-seventies, Jack In the Box was the place to go for super burritos and giant milkshakes that seemed to help us recover from hangovers.

That’s really hard to imagine these days…but there it is.