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Starting Monday, and for most of the next three weeks, we’ll be filing our MNB reports from the road – we have quite an itinerary planned out as we embark on several new projects that will allow us to get out of the office and really see what is going on in the industry.

Part of this travel is because our video production company is producing a Japanese documentary about “vision in food retailing” – talking to some of the smartest senior executives out there, looking at their stores, and putting together footage for a Japanese videotape that is highly focused on learning from the best businesspeople out there. It should be a unique and fascinating experience.

Because we’ll be in a variety of different time zones on two continents, it may throw off distribution times for MNB a little bit – though we suspect that as often as not, we’ll actually be posting our stuff earlier than usual. However the next three weeks shake out, we hope you’ll enjoy our columns from the road, as we attempt to bring new insights and perspective to an always perplexing business environment.

Have a great weekend…and we’ll see you Monday from the road…
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